One Word. You. 'Roo. Go.


We wanted to know.

Following their recordings at the Bonnaroo Hay Bale Studio we needed one more thing from the artists:

One. Word. To Describe Bonnaroo.


Shakey Graves “Fast. It’s huge! There’s the festival and then there’s the camp world. I’ve barely  been in this camp [backstage] area, we’ve got our own ecosystem where we’re staying. There’s ecosystems everywhere! There’s the people that live under the tree, there’s people that live under those tents, there’s the shade chasers, there’s all sorts of stuff.”


Casey Harris of X Ambassadors “Insane. You just walk around it. You’ll get the picture pretty quick. It’s a lot of fun, but man it’s crazy.”


Sam Harris of X Ambassadors “Naked. Because I remember when I was here as a festival-goer, I was walking around graphically naked, like for the entire time, no shirt, and just shorts no shoes. Because it was so, so goddamn hot.”


Adam Levin of X Ambassadors “Marathon. In a good way.”


Noah Feldshuh of X Ambassadors “Endurance. Because when we were here as concertgoers, you’re doing a lot of walking collectively, like three miles a day. Now that we’re here on the other side as performers, we’re doing a lot of press stuff back-to-back-to-back.”


Garba Touré, guitarist, Songhoy Blues “A nice meeting.” (Yeah, three words, but we’re gonna let it ride.)


Nathanael Dembélé, drums, Songhoy Blues “Wow.”


Oumar Touré, guitarist, Songhoy Blues “Experience.”


Aliou Touré, vocals, Songhoy Blues “Crazy.”


Gary Clark, Jr. “Funky. The music’s funky. People are funky. The vibe is funky. The clothes are funky. Just wait until it gets dark. It gets freaky funky.”


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