East Nashville's Pavilion East: What's in the Works?

  Change always comes along with potential, for new moves to be different, similar, bigger, smaller, exciting, maybe even a little jarring. So news that the big open-air event space by The Shoppes on Fatherland was rebranding/relaunching as Pavilion East was likely met with curiosity and questions. How's it gonna change? What'll stay the same?   Along with... Read More

East Nashville News: openings, airings, cold beer and hot yoga

  First a little East Nashvillian housekeeping. You may have noticed that our new January/February issue is on stands (and on this website) now, and that it features subjects as broad as the East Nashvillians of the Year, the unstoppable Joe McMahan, pop star-turned-fashion maven Tiffany and a lonely fancy bird wandering our environs. We like to keep you on your toes. And... Read More

Fanny's House of Music: Five Years of East Nashville Noise

  Most musicians will readily admit it: Instrument shopping can be a mixed bag. Sometimes you find your new best musical friend; sometimes you walk out with little more than a faceful of sass and an eye twitch born of wheedles and crash smashes.   That's why having Fanny's House of Music -- the sound-stocked Victorian-era house at the corner of Holly and 11th... Read More

East Nashville in 2013: A Look Back

  We've had a run of good years in East Nashville -- growth, attention, good food, strong businesses, valued charities doing great work. But 2013 felt like a particularly eventful one, particularly if we're accentuating the positives. As we're digging into this fresh-faced 2014, we figured we'd give some thought to the stuff that stuck out about 2013. Here's... Read More

Mickey's Tavern Scratches an East Nashville Dive-bar Itch

  If you were pining for a fancy cocktail with house-made bitters and fresh-squeezed juices, East Nashville offers more than our share of options. But even the most hardened cocktail snob feels drawn to the vibe of a dive bar time to time: relaxed decor, relaxed patrons, comfort snacks, cheap domestics in a can… the hang equivalent of old jeans and a... Read More

New Year's Eve in East Nashville

  If you're an East Nashvillian, there are plenty of good reasons to stay in the neighborhood on New Year's Eve. Avoiding driving, quick access to home post-revelry, supporting your neighborhood eateries and merry-makers… We needn't go on, but we will.    Here, a round-up of some of East Nashville's New Year's Eve offerings. Want us to... Read More

The Ornaments at The Family Wash, in pictures

  As local combo The Ornaments finished their week-long run of 16 shows this past weekend, keys whiz Jen Gunderman shared a lesson she'd learned this go around.    Earlier that day at a senior home, she and bassist James Haggerty and drummer Martin Lynds played for folks who were introduced to the record they play annual tribute to -- Vince Guaraldi's A... Read More

Talking Letterpress With Sawtooth Printhouse

  Letterpress printing, to a certain extent, feels as Nashville as hot chicken, thanks in part to the historic Hatch Show Print, whose designs have set the mood for many a musical moment in Music City. (Who among us doesn't have a Hatch print commemorating a beloved Ryman night?)    Hatch played a big role in the growth of Inglewood's Sawtooth Printhouse... Read More

Behind the Scenes with Storage Treasures' Mike Hendershot

  The wild flight of the storage-space hunter has -- perhaps surprisingly to many -- become quite the small-screen success story, with "unscripted" series like Storage Wars, Storage Hunters and Auction Hunters drawing passionate viewers into the drama of digging through discarded treasures. Nashvillian Mike Hendershot was one of the folks "captivated" enough by the... Read More

A Tour Through the 35rd Annual Celebration of Home Tour

  Growing up in a town that was mass-developed in the '70s, I don't often take the uniqueness and diversity of architecture in our neighborhood for granted. There were four different houses in my childhood neighborhood. Hundreds of homes; four different houses. It doesn't take a cookie-cutter-homes upbringing to have a good time ogling Lockeland Springs houses during... Read More

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