Win tickets to Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that many of our neighbors/readers are fans/avid listeners of public radio. Public Radio, by and large, tends to draw in folks who are creative and intellectually and culturally curious and fond of keeping in touch with the goings-on of the world -- and that, we like to think, has a fair amount of overlap with the culture of East Nashville. So,... Read More

Celebrate fall and help neighbors at East Nashville Harvest Heyday

  You've likely noticed that stuff's been ramping up over at the Shoppes on Fatherland of late. Seasonal stuff. Celebratory stuff. Fun stuff. Stuff meant to engage, entertain and aid the East Nashville community. That's largely the work of Todd Reynolds and Travis Brown, co-founders of East Nashville Events, the crew behind the family-friendly and cutely spooky Halloween... Read More

Win Tickets To 'East Nashville Tonight' at The Belcourt

East Nashville ambassadors are many -- we tend, as a neighborhood, to speak well of our environs. But singer-songwriters Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook might the two loudest, best-heard ambassadors we have. And as mouthpieces go, we could do far worse -- majorly talented and majorly hilarious East Nashvillians, both, they embody things that we like to think are quintessentially East Nashvillian:... Read More

A Week of My Veggie Chef

Some months back, My Veggie Chef offered an invite to test-drive their vegan meal-delivery service. And while I'm not vegan, being a modern human adult with all the requisite life-scheduling madness, the idea of enjoying a week of home-made meals while only putting in the work required to heat up a Bertolli had some serious appeal. Not familiar with My Veggie Chef? Here's the gist: You... Read More

The Holidays in East Nashville

Year after year, The Ornaments provide one of our favorite excuses for amping up the holiday spirit in East Nashville. While we wait for news of this year's shows, we'll go ahead and get East-Nashville-holiday-stoked about Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams' returned holiday flavors (whiskey eggnog, y'all) and new holiday gravels (since there are worst ways to get into the holiday... Read More

East Nashville Underground's Jared Corder talks Roxy Revival

Jared and Kristyn Corder know a thing or two about building a buzz around a cultural endeavor -- over a couple of years, the two took East Nashville Underground from a friends-in-a-basement musical shindig to a bustling and much-talked-about seasonal festival, with an explicit focus on and celebration of our neighborhood. (We talked about that in a recent issue.) So it makes sense that... Read More

Eric Brace branches out with folk-opera 'Hangtown Dancehall'

Most of us know East Nashvillian Eric Brace as an Americana singer and songsmith (as a solo artist, part of Last Train Home and a duo partner with fellow Eastsider Peter Cooper) and the head of local label Red Beet Records. Brace is branching out this fall, though, bringing Hangtown Dancehall -- a "Gold Rush Folk-Opera" crafted alongside fellow songwriter and collaborator Karl... Read More

East Nashville news: healing arts, hand-cut fries and 'Rocky Horror'

This week, feeling good and feeling fed, plus music of the rock and classical varieties, and a little Rocky Horror to round it out. The latest installment of East Nashville News: Feelin' Good in the Neighborhood We've had a heap of new restaurant openings around here of late, but from time to time, we get a chance to address our bodies in ways other than putting food in 'em. On... Read More

East Nashville News: books, booze, Go Karts and Tiffany

This week's crop of East Nashville news is fittingly varied, from go karting to whiskey tasting to a pop star's new clothing store. On to it: Celebrate your favorite East Nashvillians Each and every year, the Historic East Nashville Merchants Association gives us an opportunity to shower the ol' love on our favorite East Nashville businesses and people, via the East Nashvillian... Read More

Halloween in East Nashville

Of all the holidays we celebrate, Halloween offers the most explicit excuse/encouragement to get weird. OK, "creative." A neighborhood like ours -- flush with creative people of all stripes -- tends to make particularly good use of that excuse. In the weeks leading up to the big candy-grabbin' day, East Nashville is stocked with fun Halloween events, from the family-friendly to... Read More

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