East Nashville Business Smile, Mommy! Opens New Space

  Even non-parents recognize: In the realm of baby rearing, diapers are an ever-present, multi-faceted concern -- part of a tireless, thankless job, fraught with questions about performance, safety, cost, environmental footprint… We feel for ya, parents, and so does East Nashville-based Smile, Mommy! Diaper Service.    If you're about to tune out... Read More

East Nashville Recipes: Staying In For Valentine's Day

  There are those of us who love to do it up big on holidays like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, and there are those of us who'd need to be dragged out of our homes while the festivities are going down.   Homebodies: You get forgotten too often, so this one's for you.   Thinking about staying in for Valentine's Day, cooking a... Read More

East Nashville Valentine's Day Roundup

  Being a little cynical about Valentine's Day is fair, sure. But refraining from gifting a V-day trinket or two to your beloved does tend to come off, by and large, as poor form. So if you're still in need of a solid present -- and don't feel like leaving the neighborhood -- we figured you might be in need of a little... Read More

This American Love: Our Ira Glass Contest Winners

  A few weeks ago, we launched a contest to share one more pair of tickets to see Reinventing Radio: An Evening with IRA GLASS at Ryman Auditorium with our readers. Since the show is Valentine's weekend -- and Ira Glass (above) is the renowned leader of story-sharing radio institution This American Life -- we figured the most logical approach was to have you guys share your... Read More

East Nashville News: a Whole Lotta Food

  This week, lots of new/upcoming food businesses and food classes, plus a few things you can't eat.   On to the latest East Nashville News:   Two Ten Jack: Open For Business   East Nashville's first Izakaya and ramen house, Two Ten Jack (image above, from, opened its doors at 1900 Eastland, Suite 105, this month, serving up ramen... Read More

East Nashville News: Boone and Sons, Neighborhood meetings, lots more

  Another week, another crop of openings -- along with some neighborhood info, televised neighbors and more.   On to the latest bit of East Nashville News:   Well Hello, Boone and Sons   Like many of you, we've been anxiously awaiting the doors-opening at Boone and Sons, the new fresh foods market over at 1201 Porter. So -- like many of... Read More

East Nashville's Yeast Nashville Talks Kolaches and Community

  Nashville is stocked with many a transplanted Texan, along with plenty of touring musicians who've done more than their time traversing long Texas roads. So kolaches -- a sometimes sweet, sometimes savory Czech/Slovak pastry that's become a beloved delicacy in lots of small Texas towns -- weren't unfamiliar here. Kolaches were, however, pretty impossible to find... Read More

Tell us a love story, win tickets to see Ira Glass at The Ryman

  Still searching for Valentine's Day weekend plans and/or a Valentine's gift? We may be able to help.    The East Nashvillian, alongside Ira Glass, Madstone Productions & Show and Tell in association with the Steven Barclay Agency, will be offering up one more pair of tickets to Saturday, Feb. 15's Reinventing Radio: An Evening with IRA GLASS at... Read More

East Nashville's Pavilion East: What's in the Works?

  Change always comes along with potential, for new moves to be different, similar, bigger, smaller, exciting, maybe even a little jarring. So news that the big open-air event space by The Shoppes on Fatherland was rebranding/relaunching as Pavilion East was likely met with curiosity and questions. How's it gonna change? What'll stay the same?   Along with... Read More

East Nashville News: openings, airings, cold beer and hot yoga

  First a little East Nashvillian housekeeping. You may have noticed that our new January/February issue is on stands (and on this website) now, and that it features subjects as broad as the East Nashvillians of the Year, the unstoppable Joe McMahan, pop star-turned-fashion maven Tiffany and a lonely fancy bird wandering our environs. We like to keep you on your toes. And... Read More

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