East Nashville News: Riverwood Mansion, Koi Sushi and more

  This week’s news roundup includes lots of stuff to do this month and next, but let’s start with something a little more timely: Friday, Sept. 5 is the very last day to cast your Best of Nashville votes, and we hope you’ll pick East Nashville as best neighborhood, lots of East Nashville businesses as best everything else, and… y’know… if you... Read More

Nashville Beer Festival moves to the East Side

  If there’s one thing that’s almost universally true of beer lovers: They don’t tend to get tired of celebrating beer. Which makes the growth of craft beer culture and craft beer festival culture in Nashville a welcome, welcome thing among those folk.   One now well-established and growing local beer festival — the uncomplicatedly monikered... Read More

East Nashville News: moving businesses, ways to save, more

  East Nashville businesses shuffling spaces, other businesses celebrating in their spaces, plus music, movies, saving money and more.   On to this week’s East Nashville news roundup:   East Side businesses moving, closing, changing   Quite a few changes happening with quite a few East Nashville businesses right about... Read More

Nashville Gardening Advice from Maples & Bloom

  If the sad place in your mind is littered with failed gardening/growing experiences, here’s some consolation: Micah Puncochar — founder of local landscaping and organic lawn care company Maples & Bloom — says you might not be an idiot.   “Sometimes people struggle to grow things because (big box) stores sell things that really are not... Read More

East Nashville News: Scout's Barbershop, Eastside Music Supply, 2616, more

  Give yourselves a hand, as we all survived One Direction’s visit and got home… eventually.   Other things to shriek about this week: The Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville voting is under way (and we sure wouldn’t be mad if you picked The East Nashvillian blog as "best blog"), a few East Nashville openings are nigh, and lots more... Read More

East Nashville's Canvas Salon shares summer hair tips

  While the coming week of 90-something temperatures doesn’t exactly hint at it, we are, to be fair, inching toward the end of summer. For some of us, that also means we’re being confronted with what summer did to our heads: crispy-fried and/or brittle hair, chlorine-cooked scalp and skin and other bits of warm-weather fun.   While pondering that annual... Read More

East Nashville News: Otis James, Nutmeg, The Vine, ONYX, lots more

  This week’s East Nashville news roundup is stocked with new businesses and/or changes at existing ones. Business is our business, and business… is… good?   Anyhow, on to it:   Otis James is coming back east   Back when Otis James was just starting up his artisan tie and cap biz, he toiled out of an East Nashville... Read More

Anberlin's Stephen Christian talks about home: East Nashville

  A few things you may or may not know about Florida-bred melodic rock band Anberlin:    They earned their first Gold record this year (for single “Feel Good Drag,” re-recorded and released on 2008’s New Surrender), which makes for a nice cherry on top of a 12-year, seven-album career that’s wrapping up as we speak, with a final tour... Read More

East Nashville News: Tomato Art Fest, 'Nashville' in East Nashville, more

  Funny thing about the Tomato Art Fest: Spending a day gorging on tomato-related foods in the summer sun, we all get just a little redder and rounder. With all due respect to Andy Williams, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least around these streets. And it’s here. So we’ll share a few last-minute Tomato Fest tidbits in this week’s news... Read More

The winners of our first-ever Tomato Tale contest

  To get in the Tomato Art Fest spirit, we teamed up with Nashville writers’ collective The Porch on a Tomato Tale contest — readers and friends submitted 10-word, tomato-themed stories via Twitter, and The Porch’s Susannah Felts chose her favorites of the bunch.    The carrot (or tomato, as it were) held in front of said contributors: dinner... Read More

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