East Nashville News: Basement East, new sushi, moves for Pepperfire and Sip, more

  Like many of you, we took a brief breather over the holidays to spend time with family/turkey/nog, so we’re catching up with some fun East Nashville news this week. It’s been a busy few weeks for new/moving businesses, and guesses are 2015 isn’t going to prove any less busy on our side of the river than 2014 was.   Without further ado, the latest... Read More

New Year's Eve in East Nashville

  If you’re planning on leaving the house for New Year’s Eve — but not leaving the neighborhood — as you’d surely assume, you have plenty of options, from special menus to parties to shows.    First things first, though: If you’re heading out without a return-trip plan (and with the intent to cocktail), remember that the... Read More

East Nashville News: Logue's Black Raven closing, new cafe/venue opening, more

  This week’s East Nashville news column has more very-much-a-drag news than we’d like to share this close to Christmas. But some high points to buffer, too.    On to it:   Logue’s Black Raven Emporium closing   We hate to open this week’s column on a bummer note, but alas, bummage is afoot: Nashville music... Read More

East Nashville Christmas shopping and celebrating

  You have but eight shopping days left until Christmas Day, beloved procrastinators. That said, if you stay in the neighborhood, that should be more than enough time to tick off all the names on even a pretty sizable gift list.    Since some of us here at The East Nashvillian might be among the procrastinator army (the many, the proud), we thought it might be... Read More

East Nashville News: new shops and restaurants, cool classes and more

  You might’ve noticed that this news column took a few weeks off, so this week, we’re catching up on some fun stuff that happened in recent weeks/is happening in the coming weeks, from musical successes to new neighborhood business openings. Hope you didn’t miss our ramblings too much. (Or, well, hope you did, actually?)   On to the latest bit of... Read More

Renovating East Nashville with Stratton Exteriors

  We all talk a lot, in East Nashville, about the changing home landscape here — sometimes enthusiastically, more than a little of the time grumblingly. One thing that’s really woven into the fabric of modern-day East Nashville, though: the process of taking once-beautiful older homes back to their former glory, often beyond. And many of us like that process pretty... Read More

The new, expanded Turnip Truck East: what to expect

  Word got out this week that East Nashville’s cozy Turnip Truck Natural Market — long a favorite of neighborhood local/natural food lovers — is getting ready to graduate to a much bigger home, with more than 12,000 feet of grocery space and a planned three floors of eats and offerings. This’ll make Turnip Truck East more than four times the size of the... Read More

East Nashville's Artisan East embraces natural, recycled, small-batch goods

  For about two decades, East Nashvillian Brandy Davenport headed to the West Side on workdays, presiding over the creative and crafty offerings housed inside A Thousand Faces. By early summer of 2014, though, she felt ready to stick closer to home day to day, and to jump back into entrepreneurship, opening eclectic shop Artisan East at the corner of Riverside and... Read More

Spend Small Business Saturday at Fa-La-La-La-Fatherland

  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy, pretty much unavoidably known ways to flex your credit card around the holidays, but an annual holiday shopping event that hits a little closer to home in a community like ours: Small Business Saturday, observed each year the Saturday after Thanksgiving.   East Nashville is flush with well-loved independent/mom-and-pop shops... Read More

Embody the season of giving with Fannie Battle's Caroling for Kids

  A lot of us, in recent years, have been making a focused effort to align our minds and actions more with the spirit of the Season of Giving than the Season of Getting. There are many ways in our community to push toward that, but one of the longest-standing ones: Fannie Battle’s annual Caroling for Kids campaign, which started in 1916, and in 2014, still helps that East... Read More

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