East Nashville News: beer, books and more

  This week: checking out some new brews, looking at some upcoming events and more. (And if you live/work in East Nashville and have something you'd like us to know about, we'd love to hear about it.)    On to it:   Little Harpeth Brewing gets around   You might've heard about Little Harpeth Brewing, a newer addition to the... Read More

East Nashville News: Buses, Base Ball, parties and more

  In our corner, the big news of the week was our latest issue hitting the street -- really hope you guys are enjoying our March-April 2014 edition of The East Nashvillian. We're proud to have it out and about.   Elsewhere, there's been some interesting stuff brewing in East Nashville, from parties to pop-ups to a new approach to getting around. Take a gander... Read More

East Nashville music takes the fore in 'East Side of the River'

If you were to try and captured the zeitgeist of East Nashville in 2014, documentary style, it'd probably include more than a few tense conversations about growing pains. (See our March-April issue.) But when Ron Coons started work on the East Side of the River documentary a few years back, those pains were maybe just a little less hurty, which left a hair more room for... Read More

East Nashville News: cult classics, cold beer and locals getting national love

  This week, we ended up with a lot related to music, movies, locals getting praised nationally and locals doing good locally. And what would an East Nashville news roundup be without somebody dropping the H-word? On to it: Yum! East participants are coming together   Last year's Yum! East festival (pictured above) was a great time, stocked with lots of great... Read More

East Nashville's Cole Family Practice on why wellness is a team sport

  There's been a whole lot of talk about health care over the past few years, and whatever your stance on reform, one thing most of us can agree on: There's great benefit in having a health care provider that takes the time to know and communicate with you, your family and your community.   Inglewood's Cole Family Practice focuses on "individualized... Read More

East Nashville News: DJ Dan Auerbach at 308, Wild Feathers on 'Nashville,' more

  This has nothing to do with the East Nashville news we're about to share, but Tenn Sixteen's Wednesday night special is a a deep fried pork fritter with a fried biscuit and habanero/pear preserves, so if you see a bunch of typos here, forgive me, I'm a little distracted.   Lots of really worthwhile, fun and/or useful events coming up in the... Read More

East Nashville art gallery The Red Arrow opens in March

  Rewind a decade, and the corner we call Riverside Village wasn't abuzz with activity, so much. Nowadays, it's undeniably vibrant, with some of East Nashville's best sushi and Moscow Mules and a friendly neighborhood pharmacy and one of the best sandwiches in America, according to the Travel Channel, just for starters.   Come March, that piece of... Read More

East Nashville News: East Side of the River is here, Mitchell, The Post and more

  This week, we're excited to see some long-awaited stuff coming -- a long-gestating documentary, late-night pizza -- plus a new smoothie stop, big blog love for East Side homes, a prominent East Nashville singer-turned-Swedish acting phenom... lots of places to go, faces to see, things to do, much of it timely. So we'll get to it. On to our latest bit of East Nashville... Read More

East Nashville Business Smile, Mommy! Opens New Space

  Even non-parents recognize: In the realm of baby rearing, diapers are an ever-present, multi-faceted concern -- part of a tireless, thankless job, fraught with questions about performance, safety, cost, environmental footprint… We feel for ya, parents, and so does East Nashville-based Smile, Mommy! Diaper Service.    If you're about to tune out... Read More

East Nashville Recipes: Staying In For Valentine's Day

  There are those of us who love to do it up big on holidays like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, and there are those of us who'd need to be dragged out of our homes while the festivities are going down.   Homebodies: You get forgotten too often, so this one's for you.   Thinking about staying in for Valentine's Day, cooking a... Read More

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