A first-hand look at the float therapy experience at Float Horizen in East Nashville

    First, for context: I’m not the ideal customer for alternative therapies. I was raised by a truck driver whose therapy was mostly crushing shiny silver cans of Coors, figuratively and literally. I can be wary of the unfamiliar. I’ve only tried acupuncture once and I left just as creaky and kind of confused by it.   That said, I’m... Read More

East Size Buzz: Madison Bowl, Slow Hand Coffee, Pelican & Pig, SpaceMax and more

  Housekeeping before we dive in to this week’s crop of East Nashville news-y bits: We’re putting the pieces of our March/April issue together as we speak, but if you’d like to get an ad in its pages, there’s still time. Reach out to Lisa at   With that, we’ve got a lotta East Side Buzz to move... Read More


The Nashville Repertory Theatre presents ‘Smart People’ The Nashville Repertory Theatre production of Lydia R. Diamond’s “Smart People” brings one of the most important and volatile topics in American culture to center stage in a funny and thoughtful production that pulls no punches. Set just before Barack Obama’s 2008 election, race and romantic... Read More

Slow Hand Coffee + Bakeshop, Pelican & Pig coming to East Nashville this spring

  The folks behind downtown spot Slow Hand Coffee are coming to East Nashville with a double-shot. This spring, owner Nick Guidry tells us, two new concepts are set to open here in the neighborhood: full-service restaurant Pelican & Pig, and Slow Hand Coffee + Bakeshop, a fleshed-out version of the original Slow Hand on 10th Ave. S.   “After learning a year... Read More

East Side Buzz: overhaul for Dickerson’s Key Motel, Mister Hats and Family Wash closure details, new Joe Pisapia record, more

  Ups and downs this week, plus good new local stuff to listen to.   On to the latest East Nashville news:   Urban Cowboy chief overhauling Dickerson motel   The revitalization of Dickerson Pike soldiers forward: First reported by Nashville Business Journal, the old Key Motel at 1414 Dickerson is on its way to being reborn, via a group of... Read More

Walking With The Big Man in WPLN's The Promise

"A Beautiful Day In The Projects"   Photo: Joe Buglewicz   In the second installment of WPLN's podcast The Promise, reporter Meribah Knight takes the listener on a journey into the darker side of life at James Cayce Homes, as seen through the eyes of Dexter Turner — aka "Big Man." Needless violence turns an otherwise beautiful... Read More


HERCULES VS VAMPIRES MIXES SWORDS, SANDALS, AND GRAND OPERA While the combination or a 1960s Italian muscleman film and modern opera might seem to be a recipe for ridiculousness, the Nashville Opera’s presentation of Hercules vs Vampires this weekend is a brilliant mash-up of pop art and high culture. Sword-and-sandal or peplum films (a reference to the Greek or Roman tunics worn in... Read More


Reporter Meribah Knight follows a key character while examining the city's promise to redevelop Cayce Place in WPLN’s new podcast The Promise. The first episode, “A Change is Gonna Come,” debuts today, with a new episode following every Wednesday for the next five weeks. The project known as Envision Cayce seeks to redefine the concept of low-income housing while... Read More

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