No time for postmortems, there’s work to be done!

The morning after the election brought with it another one of those moments — singular moments when the veil is lifted, and the answer to a long-pondered question suddenly appears. In this case, it was the realization I’d just witnessed Hillary Clinton commit seppuku on the sword of Neoliberalism, with the Democratic Party acting as her kaishakunin.
     The shock wasn’t Trump’s victory — that would better be described as surprise. No, it was that I’d completely missed the depth of the Democratic Party’s absolute cluelessness. And mine.
     Not that it’s been easy to stay focused on what’s really been going on for the past two years. Candidate Trump’s crass candor could be as irresistible as it was mind numbing; or warping, as the case may be. It was far easier to let the rabid, “lock her up”-chanting attendees at his rallies — the “deplorables” — serve as surrogates for the vast numbers of voters lying to pollsters about their true intentions than to examine the reality behind his appeal: People are pissed off in epic proportions.
     The hostility towards the Democratic Party comes from resentments traceable to Bill Clinton’s White House, so why should the venom aimed at Hillary come as a surprise? There were plenty of folks in the same “deplorable” crowd Hillary denigrated who voted for Obama. Twice. So why now, and why Trump?
     Rather than attempt an election postmortem that would require far more than one page, it makes more sense to discuss what’s been hiding in plain sight for at least the last 30 years: We’ve allowed every aspect of our existence to become securitized. The system is broken because we’ve allowed and encouraged it.
     Almost all of our ills stem from the idea that we are each, individually, responsible for our financial lot in life, no matter what. Whether this means earning millions on Wall Street or barely getting by on Main Street is beside the point. No one among us can go it alone. There is no such thing as a free market. There never has been, and there never will be. It’s an idea floated by the wealthy to justify their wealth to themselves and, more importantly, to society.
     Equating the freedom enshrined in the constitution with a free market — and the freedom to rape the land of resources that belong to us all in the process — is bullshit. But that’s what they’d have us believe. The idea of freedom has been corrupted so that it can be used against the free to financially enslave them. THAT is why people are pissed off, but whether or not they know it is another story.
     We get the government we deserve. Remember that. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote, but she lost in the Electoral College and she knew it, which is why she conceded to President Elect Trump in a phone call. It was her election to lose, and it speaks to the fact that the Democratic Party has spent the last 30 years playing the market.
     So enough already. Let’s get to work and rebuild the dream of a better world, together. The power is ours to reclaim if we want it, but we’ll have to work for it. There are powerful, entrenched forces arrayed against us to be sure, but if the people of this country unite and fight back, nothing can stop us.
     Happy Valentine’s Day!