For the second year in row, the winners of the Historic East Nashville Mechants Association’s East Nashvillians of the Year awards are known for their work in development — albeit for much different reasons. Through his indefatigable efforts championing neighorhoods, coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of Metro’s planning and zoning ordinances, Brett Withers leads by example, demonstrating that active, sustained participation and civilized dialogue are the quintessential elements to maintaining the continuity of residential neighborhoods during this period of explosive growth throughout the Nashville area. We congratulate Brett Withers as the 2014 recepient of the Citizen award for East Nashvillian of the Year.

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To say the 2014 recepient of the Business award for East Nashvillian of the Year, Powell Architecture + Building Studio, has had a major impact on the look and feel of commercial development in the East Nashville area is probably an understatement. Like putting a genii in a bottle, the design|build studio has an uncanny knack for capturing the neighborhood spirit in brick and mortar (and various and a sudry other materials). Their work speaks for itself, but if affirmation is needed one needs to look no further than crowds frequenting the Wild Cow, Five Points Pizza, or Ugly Mugs. Under the guiding hand of Steve Powell, the studio strives to be a good steward of the vibe that makes East Nashville such a popular place to live and visit.Our hat’s off to you, and congratulations!

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